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Short Term Business Loan Helps Contractor Complete Dream Kitchen

The idea of one of his kitchens being featured in a popular New England Magazine sounded amazing to the Vermont-based contractor, but it also meant that he was under even more pressure. The homeowner insisted on an expedited timeline for completion to ensure their dream kitchen would be ready 2 days ahead of schedule for a photo shoot. In addition, because this particular project was to be featured in a prominent magazine, the contractor had to put extra care into ensuring that everything was exceedingly perfect. The last thing he wanted was for his work to be featured in a negative light.

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Fast Funding Physician Short Term Loans: Working Capital, Stat!

WCP Financial was contacted by a doctor who owns and operates a successful pain management medical practice.  In his initial inquiry, he expressed interest in physician short term loans. He explained that while his business was growing nicely, the practice’s cash flow was often irregular due to slow reimbursement from patient health insurance providers.

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